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Steel Dragonfly garden featureon pole


Walkers Steel Art, a venture born in 2016, finds its home nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Roleystone, a quaint locality ensconced in the enchanting Perth Hills region of Western Australia.

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Rob's Story

Rob, the visionary behind this creative enterprise, has carved a niche in crafting magnificent sculptures that predominantly celebrate the wonders of nature. His chosen medium is steel, often infused with various other materials, a testament to his innovative approach to artistry.

What sets Rob's creations apart is their grandeur; many of his sculptures transcend the boundaries of scale, standing as larger-than-life tributes to the natural world. These monumental pieces are undeniably influenced by the breathtaking surroundings of the Perth Hills, where the beauty of nature is omnipresent and serves as a boundless source of inspiration.

Rob's artistic sanctuary is his property in Roleystone, where the alchemy of his creativity takes shape. Here, among the rustling leaves and vibrant hues of the Perth Hills, he diligently crafts his sculptures, infusing life and vitality into steel. For those curious about his art, there's a delightful opportunity to view his collection upon request, a chance to witness firsthand the fusion of imagination, skill, and nature that defines Walkers Steel Art.

Over the years, Rob's artistic journey has witnessed a continuous metamorphosis. His sculptures are a testament to the ever-evolving interplay between his surroundings and personal experiences. This constant flux serves as a driving force, ensuring he never becomes stagnant in his craft. It's this relentless pursuit of improvement that propels him to push the boundaries of his artistic ability, crafting sculptures that stand as a testament to his growth and dedication.

Yet, the ultimate gratification for Rob lies not in the completion of a piece, but in the moment of revelation. To witness the raw, unfiltered emotions of his clients when they lay eyes on their bespoke sculpture for the first time is nothing short of enchanting. The joy etched across their faces is a testament to the profound impact his creations have on their lives. These moments, these genuine displays of delight, are treasures he holds close, a testament to the power of art to touch hearts and forge connections.


Rob's roots trace back to East Yorkshire, England, where he spent his formative years in the charming villages East of Hull, near the coast. Post-school, he embarked on a four-year apprenticeship in the heart of Hull, honing his skills as a welder and fabricator, a testament to his dedication to the craft.

However, a pivotal moment came when he made the decision to enlist in the British Army, an experience that led him to the distinguished ranks of the REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers), where he honed his skills as a mechanic. This chapter in the military played a significant role in shaping Rob's character and instilling a strong sense of discipline and precision.

Following his retirement from the military, Rob set his sights on the vast landscapes of Australia. There, he found his niche in the mining industry, dedicating five years to this dynamic and demanding field. However, in 2016, an entrepreneurial spirit emerged, compelling Rob to venture into uncharted territory.

It was in this year that he embarked on a new creative journey, delving into the world of steel art for the very first time. This marked a transformative period, as Rob transitioned from a structured career to a realm of artistic expression and craftsmanship, blending his technical prowess with a newfound passion for sculpting with steel.

Since then, Rob's steel art has likely breathed life into a myriad of forms, each piece a testament to his skill, imagination, and dedication. His unique fusion of technical expertise from his welding and fabricating background, coupled with the artistic flair discovered in the Australian outback, undoubtedly imbues his creations with a distinctive and captivating quality.

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